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With the end of the academic year looming many eager students may be thinking of applying to college, for those of you still pondering over where to apply here is a brief article discussing some of the best colleges in Europe for Management degrees.

A Unique Business School

The 116 year old Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) University set in Stockholm, regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful capitals, offers highly specialised business and economics courses.In addition to the courses it offers, the magnificent location offers graduate employment opportunities as Stockholm is the financial centre of Scandinavia. Economics-and-ManagementAlthough it was originally founded as a business school economics has always been central to the research and curriculum of the university.

Stockholm School of Economics offers a highly specialised and unique teaching arena. With only two bachelor degrees available SSE students are part of an exclusive small group of students and professors. Everyone you will meet will be on the same or a similar degree and with small class sizes interaction amongst students greatly enhanced. Furthermore the intimate teaching style allows easy access to industry leading experts. One major concern for English speakers is that the two undergraduate degree programmes this university offers require fluency in Swedish. This may rule out this college for a lot of people.

  • SSE offers two bachelor degree programmes: Retail Management and Business and Economics.
  • The intimacy of the cohort and teaching styles enables a unique experience.
  • It is accredited by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS), European-Quality-Improvement-System-Logo.svgmeaning that all activities, i.e. all programs and research, have exhibited excellence at an international level.
  • Both undergraduate courses require fluent Swedish however the master programmes are taught in English.

Capital Idea

From the capital of Sweden to the capital of England, two of the finest school’s for economics. London School of Economics (LSE) was founded in 1895 and unlike its Swedish counterpart offers a wide range of degrees. LSE provides courses over many different areas of social sciences and legal studies and includes 26 faculties. Set in the heart of England’s vibrant capital city, LSE allows you to experience more than just academia. London boats some of the best museums and galleries in the world and has excellent transport links. Much like Stockholm in Sweden, London is widely regarded as a prosperous location for graduates to find employment.

It is consistently ranked among the top universities nationally and across the world and as of 2014 has the highest proportion of world-leading research of any British University.

  • Top ranked university
  • Based in the capital of England
  • Offers a range of courses

Harvard Honours

Founded in 1678 Harvard is one of the oldest institutions for higher education in the United States and is widely regarded as one of the top colleges for economics in the world. Unlike the previous two Universities Harvard is not specialised in economics or business, it provides a wide range of varied courses. However it is home to the Harvard Business harvard-house-group-logo_news_17332_8385School which provides campus based teaching and research for MBA students and doctoral candidates.

Harvard Business School is one of the biggest business schools in the world yet it retains small teaching groups and cohorts. This means that the eighty to ninety people you start with will be roughly the same people you finish with. This enables students to form close bonds with peers and progress with their course together.

  • Biggest business school in the world
  • Campus based
  • Intimate teaching groups
  • Publishes its own academic journal – Harvard Business Review

This article has given you a brief insight into some of the best universities for economics around the world. Hopefully this should elicit some thoughts regarding your higher education prospects.


Higher education is becoming an increasingly vital part of our lives. With more and more knowledge required to stay competitive in commerce and government, the importance of selecting good colleges has become paramount. Second rate education is not merely a problem on paper, but can hamstring the career of a student for the rest of his or her life.